April 2011 NIDC Meeting

April 2011: Isotope Production & Applications Program BUSINESS & PLANNING MEETING
Crystal City, VA
April 11 - 12, 2011

Some slides from the presentations at this meeting will soon be available on this page.


Monday April 11

09:00 am Opening Remarks - Robert Atcher, NIDC / LANL

09:15 am HQ Activity
NP Update - Tim Hallman, DOE ONP
HQ Activity - Jehanne Gillo, DOE ONP
Budget Outlook - Luisa Romero, DOE ONP
Status of Isotope R&D - Dennis Phillips, DOE ONP

10:45 am Break

11:00 am Status of Isotope Production and Facilities - Marc Garland, DOE ONP

11:30 am Website Update Status - Michael Smith, ORNL

12:00 am Lunch

1:00 pm Site Reports




ORNL - HFIR OPs, Stable Enriched Project

3:00 pm NCI Isotope Needs - Paula Jacobs, CIP, NCI

4:00 pm University Sites Integration Plan - Marc Garland, DOE ONP

Tuesday, April 12

09:00 am Transportation Working Group - Jeff Shelton, ORNL IBO

10:00 am NIDC Issues - Robert Atcher, NIDC / LANL
QA Activities, SNM Activites
Booth - staffing - Mitch Ferren, ORNL IBO
Customer Meetings - Wolfgang Runde, LANL

11:15 am W-188 - Mitch Ferren, ORNL IBO
(Demand/Pricing/Decision to Proceed with Production)

11:45 am Lunch

1:00 pm Isotope Workshop Planning - Dennis Phillips and Marc Garland, DOE ONP

2:00 pm FRIB Isotope Production - Dennis Phillips, DOE ONP

3:00 pm Hard Stop