NIDC Preferred Customer Information & Requirements

To apply for NIDC Preferred Customer status, you must be a researcher or administrator from a U.S. research institution and/or university. As an NIDC Preferred Customer, you will have access to online quotation and ordering capabilities for stable isotope products with enrichments selected from inventory for an approved research application with delivery within the U.S.

A total of five stable isotopes with enrichments selected from inventory can be requested in a single quote request and the resulting online quotation will be valid for thirty days. If a quote or order is needed for a stable isotope with an enrichment not available in inventory or for a radio-isotope, then a quote request must to be submitted using this website and reviewed by NIDC staff.

In order to process an online quotation with research pricing into an online order, the following information concerning your research application must be provided for each order placed.

1. Brief summary of the project in which the isotope is being used.
2. Contact information for the institution and Principal Investigator(s) doing the research.
3. Funding source and point of contact at the funding entity.
4. Anticipated deliverables from the R&D Project (publications, technology, products, intellectual property, etc.)
5. Certification that an acknowledgement of the U.S. DOE as the provider of the isotopic material used in the research will be documented in subsequent publications and presentations. The following language is recommended: "The isotope(s) used in this research were supplied by the United States Department of Energy Office of Science by the Isotope Program in the Office of Nuclear Physics."

Also note that all online quotations and orders placed using this website will be accessible by all other NIDC Preferred Customers associated with your institution.

Please click the button below to apply for NIDC Preferred Customer status.