ISOTOPE    211At
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Half Life / Daughter7.21 hours; 41.8% alpha decay to Bi-207 (31.55y); 58.2% to Po-211 (0.5 sec)
– alpha decay to Pb-207
Major Radiation5870 keV alpha; 79 keV & 82 keV X-rays; (from Po-211) 7450 keV alpha,
570 keV (0.5%) & 898 keV (0.5%) gamma
FormAstatide as Na salt in NaOH
ActivityCarrier Free, dry solid or solution; 10 – 50 mCi (at shipment)
RadiopurityGreater than 99.9% At-211 (no impurities detectable)
SourceAlpha irradiation of bismuth metal
ProcessingWet Chemistry Isolation
ShipmentScrew-cap vial in approved DOT package
AvailabilitySpecial order
Unit of SaleTo be determined
ContactOak Ridge National Laboratory
National Isotope Development Center
Call: (865) 574-6984
Fax: (865) 574-6986

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