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ISOTOPE    177Lu
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Half Life / Daughter6.65 days to Hf-177
Major RadiationBeta - 0.497 MeV
FormChloride solution (0.1 M HCl)
ActivityMax. 50 - 80 Ci/mg via direct production route.
Radiopurity> 99%
SourceNeutron capture on enriched Lu-176 target (direct production route)
Neutron capture on enriched Yb-176 target (indirect production route)
ProcessingFor the direct production route, the irradiated Lu is dissolved in HCl and dispensed.
For the indirect route, development and scale-up of the Yb-Lu chemical separation is needed.
ShipmentGlass vial in nonreturnable container
AvailabilitySpecial order
Unit of SaleCuries
ContactOak Ridge National Laboratory
National Isotope Development Center
Call: (865) 574-6984
Fax: (865) 574-6986

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