Neptunium-237 Fission Monitors

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ISOTOPE    237Np Fission Monitors
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Half Life / Daughter2.14 x 106 years to protactinium-233
Major RadiationAlpha: 4.7 MeV
FormCeramic oxide wire encapsulated in high purity vanadium
Activity~0.7 mCi/g (specific activity)
Radiopurity<40 ppm fissionable atoms
SourceReactor product
ProcessingExtruded wire encapsulated in high purity vanadium
ShipmentGlass vial in nonreturnable containers
AvailabilityStock. Classed as a nuclear material requiring documentation of transfer
Form 741)
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ContactOak Ridge National Laboratory
National Isotope Development Center
Call: (865) 574-6984
Fax: (865) 574-6986

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