Radium-224/Lead-212 Generator

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ISOTOPE    224Ra/212Pb Generator
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Half Life / DaughterRadium-224: 3.6319 days to radon-220
Lead-212: 10.64 hours to
Decay ModeMultiple alpha and beta emissions to stable Pb-208
Major RadiationAlpha: 8.79 MeV
Beta: 560 keV
Gamma: 238.6, 583.0, 2614.4 keV
FormRa-224 absorbed on AG-MP50 resin
ActivityRa-224: 1.59 x 105 Ci/g (theoretical specific activity);
1.39 x 106 Ci/g;
Bi-212: 1.46 x 107 Ci/g
Radiopurity>99.9% Ra-224; <0.01% Th-228
SourceDecay of thorium-228
ProcessingIon exchange separation
ShipmentGenerator is housed in a one inch lead pig with inlet/outlet holes
AvailabilityMonthly up to 16 mCi; order 8–10 weeks in advance
Unit of SaleMillicuries
ContactOak Ridge National Laboratory
National Isotope Development Center
Call: (865) 574-6984
Fax: (865) 574-6986
email: contact@isotopes.gov

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