Early Career Research Program FY 2022
The DOE Office of Science is excited to announce it is accepting proposals for the 2022 DOE Office of Science Early Career Research Program to support the research of outstanding scientists early in their careers.
Th-228 Production Team at ORNL
As a medical isotope, thorium-228 has a lot of potential – and Oak Ridge National Laboratory produces a lot.
Register for the FDA-NRC Workshop
On Wednesday, September 22nd at 9:00 am ET join the special session on actinium-225 virtual workshop, "Enhancing Development of Targeted Alpha Emitting Radiopharmaceuticals," sponsored by the FDA and NRC.

DOE Isotope Program Highlights

Image courtesy of Carlos Jones, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Researcher Sandra Davern looks at non-radioactive metal ions enclosed in biodegradable polymers in her lab at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Her work is paving the way for enclosing isotopes in the same polymers for targeted treatment of cancer cells.

Enclosing Radiation-Loaded Particles to Better Seek and Destroy Cancer

Promising study details how radioactive agents could be sent directly to cancer cells.
Image courtesy of Donald Montoya, Los Alamos National Laboratory Cerium-134 can be targeted to provide an imaging analogue for two different therapy isotopes, actinium-225 and thorium-227. This helps scientists understand these therapy isotopes and develop new treatments. These novel isotopes are being developed and produced by the DOE Isotope Program.

New Imaging Isotope Meets Promising Therapy Isotopes

New production methods for Ce-134 advance technologies for imaging human disease and guiding treatment.
Image courtesy of Jon Burns, Texas A&M University At-211 – ketone interaction within the chromatography column.

New Elegant Method for Rapid Recovery of Anti-Cancer Agent At-211

A high-speed, high-yield recovery approach for At-211 means improved availability of this cancer-treating isotope.
Julie Ezold has been elected to a three-year term on the American Nuclear Society’s Board of Directors.

Ezold elected to the ANS Board of Directors

Julie Ezold, section head at ORNL, has been elected to a three-year term on the American Nuclear Society’s Board of Directors.