Los Alamos scientist Veronika Mocko processing cerium-134 in the "Hot Cells" at LANL.
The DOE IP plans to send sample quantities from an upcoming Ce-134 test batch to a small group of qualified researchers.
Actinium-225 Available in December
A new batch of accelerator-produced actinium-225 (Ac-225) is planned to be available through the DOE Isotope Program in mid-December.
November 2020 Isotope Availability
The DOE Isotope Program (DOE IP) is pleased to announce the availability of some of our newest isotopes for purchase.

DOE Isotope Program Highlights

Suzanne Lapi

Suzanne E. Lapi: What did the 2011 Early Career Award allow you to do?

The ECA project enabled me to get started with solid targets for the accelerator production of radioisotopes.
Los Alamos scientist Veronika Mocko processing cerium-134 in the "Hot Cells" at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

New diagnostic isotope to enhance targeted alpha therapy for cancer

Team brings a new tool for alpha therapy by developing a paired isotope option for PET scans.
Ce-134 mimicking Ac-225 and Th-227

Ce-134 and La-134 pair as companion PET diagnostic isotopes for Ac-225 and Th-227

Ce-134 and its daughter La-134 can be used as a PET imaging candidate for 225AcIII or 227ThIV.
Californium-272 production team. Standing left to right - John Courtney, Dan Bettinger, Julie Ezold, Ed Smith, and Scott White.

ORNL's Californium-252 Will Play Pivotal Role in New Reactor Startups

ORNL is the only place in the world capable of efficiently producing the radioisotope californium-252.