The events listed below are of general interest to the isotope production community and are not sponsored by the Department of Energy. If the NIDC is attending an event, information on how to contact us will be provided.




33rd Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine - Virtual Conference

Vienna, Austria


33rd Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine - Now Virtual!

With more than 150 sessions, the EANM Annual Congress is the most valuable Nuclear Medicine Meeting worldwide. Each year, more than 6,200 participants have the possibility to network, socialize and discuss the newest trends and findings in the field of Nuclear Medicine. The EANM is proud of receiving approximately 2,200 abstracts annually from all over Europe and overseas.160 exhibiting companies, covering an area of 3,500 sqm present their newest technologies.


SNMMI 2021 Annual Meeting

Washington, D.C.


Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Engineering 2021 Annual Conference

The SNMMI 2021 Annual Meeting is recognized as the premier educational, scientific, research, and networking event in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. The four-day event, taking place each June, provides physicians, technologists, pharmacists, laboratory professionals, and scientists with an in-depth view of the latest research and development in the field as well as providing insights into practical applications for the clinic.


The International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies

Honolulu, Hawaii

The 2020 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (PAC CHEM™), has been rescheduled and will now take place in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, December 16-21, 2021. Pacifichem 2021 will be the eighth in the series of successful cosponsored scientific conferences of Pacific Basin Chemical Societies.  Founded in 1984, these conferences have been held in Honolulu, Hawaii about every five years.

A Creative Vision for the Future

Chemistry is, and always should be, a creative enterprise, providing us with unique and unprecedented innovations to make human society happier, healthier and more sustainable.  In addition to being a discovery science, chemistry allows us, through limitless combinations and permutations of the over 100 elements, to create new substances and materials that nature has not yet seen in the 13.5 billion-year history of our universe and to employ them in the betterment of our Earth.

We do hope that Pacifichem 2020 will create an active forum and a productive platform where thousands of papers will disclose state-of-the-art, cutting edge findings in chemistry and related multidisciplinary areas that inspire active discussion and opportunities for international collaboration, thereby promoting creativity and a clear creative vision for chemistry.