2020 Isotope User Meetings

Below we have compiled information from our 2020 Isotope User Meetings including the recording of each meeting and PDF's of the presentations. To access the recordings, click the links below. 


Actinium-225 2020 User Meeting

Cathy Cutler for Ac-225 UM Recording

Watch the Actinium-225 User Meeting Video


Kate Dadachova with the University of Saskatchewan
Ac-225 User Meeting Introduction by Kate Dadachova, University of Saskatchewan
Ac-225 Users Meeting_Cutler
Production Effort to Provide Accelerator-Produced Ac-225 for Radiotherapy by Dr. Cathy Culter, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Ac-225 Users Meeting_Ravindra
Ac-225 Radiopharmaceuticals FDA Perspective - Chemistry,
Manufacturing, and Controls

by Dr. Ravindra Kasliwal, U.S. FDA
Ac-225 Users Meeting_Dimmick
NRC Perspectives on Emerging Radionuclides by Lisa Dimmick, U.S. NRC
Ac-225 Users Meeting_Sanders
Radiolabeling Comparison of Accelerator Versus Generator Produced Ac-225 by Dr. Vanessa Sander, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Ac-225 Users Meeting_Allen
Ac-225 and Bi-213: Two Important Alpha-Emitters for the Future of Therapeutics by Dr. Kevin Allen, University of Saskatchewan
Ac-225 Users Meeting_Jurcic
Targeted Alpha-Particle Therapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia by Dr. Joseph Jurcic, Columbia University




Astatine-211 2020 User Meeting

Scott Wilbur for At-211 Recording

Astatine-211 User Meeting Video


At-211 Users Meeting_Feng
At-211 Studies at Duke: A Ground Level View by Dr. Yutain Feng, Duke University
At-211 Users Meeting_Yennello
The Dawn of ARTEMIS by Dr. Sherry Yennello, Texas A&M University
At-211 User Meeting_Makvandi
At-211 Update: the University of Pennsylvania by Mehran Makvandi, University of Pennsylvania
At-211 Users Meeting_Emery and Li
At-211 Production Update for the University of Washington by Rob Emery and Yawn Li, University of Washington
At-211 Users Meeting_Washiyama
Current Availability of At-211 in Japan by Dr. Kohshin Washiyama, Fukashima University





Lead-212 2020 User Meeting

Abe Delpassand for Pb-212 Recording

Lead-212 User Meeting Video

Pb-212 Users Meeting_Copping
Oak Ridge Ra-224/Pb-212 Generator Production by Roy Copping, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Pb-212 Users Meeting_Li
Preclinical Evaluation of Synergistic Anti-tumor Effect from the Combination of Pb-212 Alpha-radiation and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors by Dr. Mengshi Li, Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc.
Pb-212 Users Meeting_Ray
Preclinical Evaluation of Pb-212-based Radiopharmaceutical Therapy of Prostate Cancer by Sangeeta Ray, Johns Hopkins University
Pb-212 Users Meeting_Delpassand
Pb-212-Alphamedix Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT): A Potential Breakthrough in Treatment of Metastatic SSTR Expressing NET by Dr. Ebrahim Delpassand, RadioMedix Inc.
Pb-212 Users Meeting_OHara
Recent Activities in Pb-212 Generator Development at PNNL by Matt O'Hara, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory