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Radioisotope ProductsDropper with liquid

Radioisotopes are produced at several DOE Isotope Program Sites around the U.S. Each site is unique, as is each product; if you have any questions, please contact the NIDC about the product specifications or quality systems. Specification sheets are also product-specific and can be found in the catalog; please refer to the Radioactive Isotope Product Information for definitions, references, and further details. Radioactive Isotope Product Information

Stable Isotope ProductsStable isotope vials

Dispensing of stable isotopes and related business operations are conducted under an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system. View ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

The stable isotope inventory consists mostly of legacy materials, produced via electromagnetic separation using calutrons at what is now the Y-12 National Security Complex. Isotopes labeled “Non EM” were not separated electromagnetically and were sourced elsewhere. The DOE Isotope Program is currently ramping up production capability again, see ORNL Enriched Stable Isotope Pilot Plant (ESIPP) for more information.

Natural abundance values were sourced from the National Nuclear Data Center's (NNDC) NuDat 2.7 table. For more information on NuDat and the chart of the nuclides, visit the NuDat 2 Description. The numbers listed on the NIDC catalog will be updated periodically, so always refer to the NNDC website for official values. Where noted, "NORM" stands for naturally occurring radioactive material.