2021 DOE Isotope Program User Group Meetings

Below we have compiled information from our 2021 Isotope User Meetings including the recording of each meeting and PDFs of the presentations. To access the recordings, click the links below.

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2021 Isotope User Group Meetings - Video Recordings

View presentations from the 2021 User Group Meetings below

Actinium-225 Users Group Meeting Presentations

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Ac-225 User Group Meeting Introduction by Dr. Eva Birnbaum, Los Alamos National Laboratory

University of California at Berkeley

Developing New Tools to Facilitate the End-Use of Ac-225 by Dr. Rebecca Abergel, the University of California at Berkeley

University of Saskatchewan

Ac-225 and B-213 for Radioimmunotherapy of Cancer, Infections, and Beyond by Dr. Ekaterina Dadachova, University of Saskatchewan

Fusion Pharmaceuticals

Preliminary Dosimetry Results from a First-in-Human Phase 1 Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of [Ac-225]-FPI-1434 in Patients with IGF-1R Expressing Solid Tumors by Drs. Jim O'Leary and Thomas Armor, Fusion Pharma

Weill Cornell Medicine

Dual -Targeting: PSMA by Dr. Neil Bander, Weill Cornell Medicine

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Dosimetry & Treatment Planning for Ac-225 and Other Alpha-Emitters by Dr. George Sgouros, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Astatine-211 User Group Meeting Presentations

University of Washington

At-211 User Group Meeting 2021 by Drs. Yawen Li and Rob Emery, University of Washington

Duke University

Production and Applications of At-211 at Duke University by Dr. Michael Zalutsky, Duke University

Texas A&M University

Steps Forward in At-211 Production and Chemistry at Texas A&M University by Dr. Lauren McIntosh, Texas A&M University

University of California at Davis

Development of At-211 Production at UC Davis by Dr. Eric Prebys, University of California at Davis

University of Pennsylvania

At-211 Production for Translational Science in Radiotherapy by Dr. Mehran Makvandi, University of Pennslyvania

Lead-212 User Group Meeting Presentations

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge Ra-24/Pb-212 Generator Production by Dr. Roy Copping, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting

Preclinical Evaluation of Pb-212/203 Based Theranostics: Dosimetry and Renal Toxicity by Dr. Mengshi Li, Viewpoint

Univ. of California at Berkeley

A Murine Melanoma Growth Suppression Case Study for Pb-212 by Dr. Rebecca Abergel, University of California at Berkeley

Pacific Northwest Nat. Laboratory

Remotely-Prepared Pb-212/Bi-212 Generator Columns: Process Overview & Early Performance Evaluation by Dr. Matt O'Hara, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Copper-67 User Group Meeting Presentations

Argonne National Laboratory

Cu-67 DOE Isotope Program User Group Meeting by Dr. David Rotsch, Argonne National Laboratory

City of Hope Medical Center

City of Hope Experience with Cu-67 by Dr. Jack Shively, City of Hope Medical Center

Boston Children's Hospital

A Possible Theranostic Approach to Treating Metastatic Neuroblastoma by Dr. Alan Packard, Boston Children's Hospital

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Cu-67 Studies at UAB by Dr. Jennifer Bartels, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Clarity Pharmaceuticals

Clarity's Targeted Copper Theranostics (TCT) Platform by Mr. Shaemus Gleason, Clarity Pharmaceuticals