Cerium-134: Test batch participants needed

Los Alamos scientist Veronika Mocko processing cerium-134 in the "Hot Cells" at LANL.

Cerium-134 Test Batch Recipients

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) researchers funded by the DOE Isotope Program have developed an effective production route for cerium-134, which holds promise as a PET imaging analogue to actinium-225 and thorium-227. Establishing a routine production pathway for cerium-134 is an essential step in advancing the use of the alpha emitters for cancer therapy.

The DOE IP plans to send sample quantities from an upcoming Ce-134 test batch to a small group of qualified researchers. Data collected during this evaluation will be essential for validating LANL’s production process and adding the radioisotope to the program’s product catalog. If you would like information on becoming a test batch recipient, please email Associate Director of Production Planning and Market Research, Karen Sikes.

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