Entering Market: Promethium-147


The Department of Energy Isotope Program (DOE IP) is entering the market for promethium-147 (Pm-147) to fill critical needs due to disruptions that have occurred in the international supply chain. 

Pm-147 is a new product for the DOE IP that used to be produced solely from fuel reprocessing in Russia. For the DOE IP, the radioisotope is currently being extracted from a plutonium waste stream and will also be produced soon through direct irradiation of neodymium-146 (Nd-146) in the High Flux Isotope Reactor.  

Promethium is trivalent in its compounds and solutions, showing up as pink or rose in color. It is used industrially as a beta thickness gauge for thin films, as a power source in nuclear batteries, and for medical imaging. The next batches will be available in July and September. 

For further inquiries on Pm-147 contact the NIDC at contact@isotopes.gov or click the link below to request a quote.

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