New FOA: Traineeship in Isotope R&D and Production

FOA: Traineeship in Isotope R&D and Production

The DOE Office of Science is excited to announce a new Funding Opportunity for Traineeship in Isotope R&D and Production. Up to $2 million will be provided to establish a traineeship program aimed to advance workforce development in the field of isotope production, processing, and associated research, with a preference for minority-serving institutions.

This program supports training, research, and production experiences for undergraduate and graduate students in related fields to develop the next generation workforce in isotope production and processing. The program also emphasizes increasing diversity in the workforce by giving preference to proposals that partner with institutions serving students from underrepresented groups.

“The DOE Isotope Program supports novel isotope production and processing activities at a suite of world-class facilities throughout the federal complex and at universities,” said Jehanne Gillo, Director of the DOE Isotope Program. “Introducing junior scientists to multiple facilities and U.S. core competencies in isotope production is a remarkable opportunity and a key feature of this traineeship.”

National Laboratories, universities, and nonprofits will be eligible to submit applications to serve as Isotope Traineeship Coordination (ITC) sites for the two-year awards, which will be selected based on peer reviews. ITCs will be responsible for several key program aspects, including student recruitment, establishing peer support groups for students, and providing training for mentors. Traineeships will include mentoring, coursework, research, and isotope production experiences for students.

Final applications for this funding opportunity are due on June 14, 2021, by 5 pm EDT. For more information and to read the full text of the Funding Opportunity Announcement, follow the link below.

Read the FOA for Traineeship in Isotope R&D and Production