November 2020 Isotope Availability

November 2020 Isotope Availability

November 2020 Isotope Availability

The DOE Isotope Program is pleased to announce the availability of some of our newest isotopes for purchase.

Berkelium-249 Availability Bk-249
A small quantity of rare berkelium-249 is available now and quote requests should be placed by mid-November. The isotope is of particular interest in heavy-element chemistry and nuclear physics research.

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Copper-67 Availability Cu-67
A new batch of high-specific activity copper-67 will tentatively be ready to ship to customers in mid-December. The DOE IP has developed this production capability to increase the domestic supply of this isotope to the research community.

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Astatine-211 Availability At-211
Did you know the DOE Isotope Program has astatine-211 available on demand? Produced and shipped through our University Isotope Network, astatine-211 is of interest to the medical community for its use in cancer treatment.

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Radium-224/Lead-212 Generators Radium-224/Lead-212
The DOE Isotope Program has Radium-224/Lead-212 generators available on demand. Produced at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the generator can be used to produce both lead-212 and bismuth-212 for cancer research and therapy.

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Cadmium-109 Availability Cadmium-109

High-specific activity cadmium-109 is currently available. Cadmium-109 is most commonly used as a source for x-ray fluorescence analyses and in environmental research. The DOE IP typically replenishes its inventory of cadmium-109 on an annual basis.

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Arsenic-73 Availability Arsenic-73

Arsenic-73 is now available. Arsenic-73 is mainly used as a tracer for environmental and toxicology studies.

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