New isotopes courtesy of the University of Alabama at Birmingham!

The Suzanne Lapi Research Group at UAB


The DOE Isotope Program is excited to announce the addition of three new isotopes to our product catalog!

Cobalt-55, manganese-52, and vanadium-48 offer promise as PET imaging isotopes and are available and ready to quote, thanks to a new partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Cyclotron Facility. The UAB cyclotron facility is the third university to join the University Isotope Network and will produce a reliable supply of isotopes focused on advancing scientific research.

UAB Isotopes Available Now!

Cobalt-55, manganese-52, and vanadium-48 are all in routine production and are available now. Scroll below and follow the links to request a quote for each of these PET radioisotopes.

Cobalt-55 Co-55 Folate agent

Cobalt-55 shows promising use in PET imaging of cancer and other diseases. Lung and oncology imaging, PSMA imaging of prostate cancer, and targeted radiolabeled antibodies for ablation therapy are uses for the isotope.

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Manganese-52 Gamma image

Manganese-52 is an isotope of interest as a long-lived positron emitter for investigating the biodistribution of intact antibodies or nanoparticles, and as a potential PET analog for the development of dual labeled PET/MRI agents.

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Vanadium-48 Retta Hot Cell

Vanadium-48 is of interest as a long-lived positron emitter for the study of vanadium chemistry and biochemistry, nutrition, and as a target isotope for cross-sections of interest for stockpile stewardship.

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham Cyclotron Facility

Home to a variable energy TR24 cyclotron, the UAB cyclotron facility will allow the Isotope Program to continue to provide options for supplying critical and rare isotopes to the research and medical communities.

The UAB cyclotron can accelerate protons from 16-24 MeV with currents of up to 300 uA. It includes four beamlines and associated target stations for the production of a wide variety of radioisotopes including cobalt-55, manganese-52, and vanadium-48, and more. The facility can accommodate national and international shipping requests.

Additionally, the cyclotron facility has hot cells designated for the preparation of human use and preclinical radiopharmaceuticals, in addition to associated radiochemistry synthesis and radioanalytical equipment. For more information on the facility, follow the link below.

Visit the UAB Cyclotron Facility Website