New batch of Ytterbium-176 now available

New batch of Yb-176 now available

New batch of Yb-176 now available

A new batch of Ytterbium-176 (Yb-176) is now available. The U.S. Department of Energy Isotope Program (DOE IP) is routinely producing this vital isotope that is in short supply.

Ytterbium-176 is a stable isotope used to produce Lutetium-177, which is used to treat prostate and other cancers. The DOE IP is currently producing Yb-176 using modern electromagnetic isotope separation technology and is constructing the Stable Isotope Production and Research Center (SIPRC) to further increase production capacity of Yb-176 and other enriched stable isotopes that are in short supply. 

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Note: This material is not available for resale.

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