Isotope Availability August 2021

Isotope Availability August 2021

Isotope Availability August 2021

The DOE Isotope Program is pleased to announce the availability of some of our most requested isotopes for purchase.




A batch of strontium-85 has been added into inventoryStrontium-85 available
A batch of strontium-85 has been added into inventory and is available for purchase. The isotope is primarily used in medicine for calcium tests and bone imaging.

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Thorium-228 now in routine productionTh-228 availability
Thorium-228 is available routinely and is ready for purchase. Its decay products radium-224 and lead-212 are used in cancer-fighting medical research on metastatic skin cancer and neuroendocrine tumors. 

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A new batch of selenium-72 is available nowSelenium-72
Selenium-72, a relatively short-lived radioisotope, is available for a limited time. The isotope is used to generate arsenic-72, a promising theranostic isotope used in cancer research. Click here to read an article on the production of arsenic-72.

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Gadolinium-148 is back in inventoryGadolinium-148
Due to customer demand, a batch of gadolinium-148 has been reprocessed and put back into inventory. The isotope is most commonly used as a tracer for other isotopes of gadolinium and in radiochemistry/physics research.

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Zinc-65 will be available soonZinc-65 Availability
Brookhaven National Laboratory is restocking its inventory of zinc-65 and it will be available for purchase soon. Due to its gamma- and positron-emitting properties, the radioactive isotope is most commonly used as a tracer in physical and metabolic studies.

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Barium-133 new availabilityBarium-133 Availability
Millicurie quantities of barium-133 are now available for purchase. Barium-133 is used for various purposes, including as an x-ray radiocontrast agent and as a gamma source in multiphase flow meters used in the oil and gas industry.

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Americium-241 in routine productionAmericium-241 Availability
Americium-241 is now in routine production and is available for purchase. Americium-241 is used in a variety of industrial applications including oil and gas exploration, smoke detectors, and moisture gauges.

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Actinium-225 in routine productionActinium-225 Availability
Accelerator-produced actinium-225 is in routine production, and the DOE IP is working to ramp up production to meet increasing demand. 
This alpha-emitting radionuclide and its decay product bismuth-213, from an actinium-225/bismuth-213 generator, have gained considerable interest within the medical community for their radioimmunotherapy applications. Shipping dates for the remainder of 2021 include September 1, October 12, November 16, and December 14, 2021. The deadline for orders is 3 weeks prior to the ship date.

Join us Tuesday, August 3rd at 1:00 pm ET for our actinium-225 User Group Meeting. Presentations from Los Alamos National Laboratory, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of SaskatchewanWeill CornellFusion Pharmaceuticals, and Johns Hopkins University are planned.

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Tungsten-188 availabilityTungsten-188 availability
Tungsten-188 is available for purchase now. Tungsten-188's decay product, rhenium-188, is a gamma and beta-emitting radionuclide of growing interest within the nuclear medicine community for a variety of therapeutic applications.

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Astatine-211 availability At-211
Did you know the DOE IP has astatine-211 available on demand? The program is developing capabilities to produce this isotope across the United States. Produced and shipped through our University Isotope Network, astatine-211 is of interest to the medical community for its use in cancer treatment.

Join us Tuesday, August 10th at 1:00 pm ET for our astatine-211 Users Group Meeting. Presentations from the University of WashingtonDuke UniversityTexas A&M University, the University of California at Davis, and the University of Pennsylvania are planned.

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