Isotope Availability September 2021

Availability Alert - September 2021

Availability Alert - September 2021

The DOE Isotope Program is pleased to announce the availability of some of our most requested isotopes for purchase.








A batch of strontium-85 has been added into inventory

Strontium-85 availableA batch of strontium-85 has been added into inventory and is available for purchase. The isotope is primarily used in medicine for calcium tests and bone imaging.

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Thorium-228 now in routine production

Th-228 availabilityThorium-228 is available routinely and is ready for purchase. Its decay products radium-224 and lead-212 are used in cancer-fighting medical research on metastatic skin cancer and neuroendocrine tumors. 

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Zinc-65 will be available soon

Zinc-65 AvailabilityBrookhaven National Laboratory is restocking its inventory of zinc-65 and it will be available for purchase soon. Due to its gamma- and positron-emitting properties, the radioactive isotope is most commonly used as a tracer in physical and metabolic studies.

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Barium-133 new availability Barium-133 Availability

Millicurie quantities of barium-133 are now available for purchase. Barium-133 is used for various purposes, including as an x-ray radiocontrast agent and as a gamma source in multiphase flow meters used in the oil and gas industry.

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Americium-241 in routine production Americium-241 Availability

Americium-241 is now in routine production and is available for purchase. Americium-241 is used in a variety of industrial applications including oil and gas exploration, smoke detectors, and moisture gauges.

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Tungsten-188 availability

Tungsten-188 availabilityTungsten-188 is available for purchase now. Tungsten-188's decay product, rhenium-188, is a gamma and beta-emitting radionuclide of growing interest within the nuclear medicine community for a variety of therapeutic applications.

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Astatine-211 availability  Astatine-211 Availability

Did you know the DOE IP has astatine-211 available on demand? The program is developing capabilities to produce this isotope across the United States. Produced and shipped through our University Isotope Network, astatine-211 is of interest to the medical community for its use in cancer treatment.

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Gadolinium-148 is back in inventory

Gadolinium-148 AvailabilityDue to customer demand, a batch of gadolinium-148 has been reprocessed and put back into inventory. The isotope is most commonly used as a tracer for other isotopes of gadolinium and in radiochemistry/physics research.

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