Kevin Felker

Kevin Felker HS
Associate Director for Logistics

Kevin Felker joined the NIDC in March 2015. He is responsible for various radioisotope products as well as radioactive material transportation. He also serves as the product line manager for stable isotopes available through the DOE IP.

Kevin came to ORNL in 1977 as a chemical engineering assistant and has held numerous positions at ORNL, including with the Radiochemical Engineering Development Center, Fuel Cycle Research and Development (FCRD) Separations area, as the deputy to the national technical director for the FCRD Separations and Waste Forms area; and with the Pu-238 Production Program. Kevin has several years of experience in hot cell and glove box operations and handling of high-specific-activity actinides. He has authored and coauthored several scientific papers, including some published in refereed journals, and has made numerous presentations at national and special topic meetings. He graduated with high honors with a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Tennessee.