New Program Manager for Isotope Initiatives

Dear All,

It is my great pleasure to introduce Dr. Joseph Glaser, who joined the Office of Nuclear Physics staff as a member of the DOE Isotope Program team on December 14, 2015. Dr. Glaser is the new Program Manager for Isotope Initiatives and his portfolio includes isotope program activities at Y-12 and Savannah River Plant, supply and demand of specific isotopes such as heavy water, He-3, Li-7 and Li-6, and other initiatives. Joe has over 15+ years of experience in international nuclear security and has a background in engineering. Most recently, he worked in the National Nuclear Security Administration as Senior Advisor to the Deputy Under Secretary for Counterterrorism. He is familiar with both the academic, national laboratory, and high level management environment.

I encourage all of you to start communicating with Joe on relevant efforts. He can be reached at

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