Call for Evaluation Studies for Dosimetry/Toxicity Analysis of Accelerator-Produced Actinium-225 (Ac-225)

The NIDC is soliciting interest for independent evaluation studies of Ac-225 produced at our accelerator facilities at Brookhaven and Los Alamos National Laboratories. This evaluation, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Isotope Program in the Office of Nuclear Physics, is part of the ongoing analysis of product performance and acceptance criteria. The key feature and focus of the evaluation is the presence of co-produced, long-lived Ac-227 (t1/2 = 21.8 y) observed in about 0.15-0.3 activity percent in the accelerator-derived product at the end of target bombardment. Ac-227/Ac-225 activity percent values as high as 0.5% could be anticipated in a research/clinical setting accounting for process and shipping times. We are seeking investigators who are interested in independently evaluating the dosimetry and toxicity impacts of the Ac-227 content relative to Ac-225 derived from Th-229 stock free from Ac-227. Proposed toxicity and dosimetry studies should focus on using the accelerator-produced product in an unchelated form (nitrate, citrate, etc.) or a simple labeled form (DOTA, DTPA for instance with no proprietary target vectoring agent) in order to represent a variety of clinical applications. Limited amounts of accelerator-produced Ac-225 (with Ac-227 contaminant) and Th-229 derived Ac-225 will be made available by the Isotope Program to support these focused studies. Please provide a brief outline of your evaluation plan procedure, anticipated outcomes, material requirements, budgetary needs, and schedule to Wolfgang Runde, by September 4, 2015. Evaluation studies should consider a budgetary constraint of $50-$100K and a 6-12 month period of performance to be executed in FY16.