DOE/NSF Nuclear Science Advisory Committee (NSAC) Report

In 2014, the DOE/NSF Nuclear Science Advisory Committee (NSAC) was charged with conducting a new study of the opportunities and priorities for isotope research and production as part of an effort to develop a new long-range strategic plan for the DOE Isotope Program. In response, NSAC formed the NSAC Isotope (NSACI) sub-committee, chaired by Dr. Lawrence Cardman of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, to prepare a response. At the July 16, 2015 NSAC Meeting, the NSACI report was accepted. The report, "Meeting Isotope Needs and Capturing Opportunities For The Future", can be found at

If you would like to request a hardcopy of the report, please contact Brenda May.

With best regards,
Jehanne Gillo

Dr. Jehanne Gillo, SES
Director, Facilities and Project Management Division
Director, DOE Isotope Program