NIDC Has Launched New Online Quotation and Ordering Feature for Stable Isotope Research Customers

The DOE Isotope Program is pleased to announce the release of new website tools for NIDC Preferred Customers within the Online Catalog of Isotope Products at To apply for NIDC Preferred Customer status, you must be a researcher or administrator from a U.S. research institution or university and complete the online application at Once your application has been reviewed and accepted by NIDC staff, you will receive an email with detailed instructions concerning your access to these new website tools.

The new website capabilities will allow NIDC Preferred Customers to securely generate quotations for selected stable isotope products in inventory and process them into online orders for an approved research application and delivery within the U.S. These tools will also allow for tracking of online order status, exporting of orders into an Excel format, browsing the history of orders for their associated institution, and updating of the NIDC Preferred Customer profile.