Julie Ezold joins DOE IP as Kristian Myhre departs

Left: Dr. Kristian Myhre Right: Ms. Julie Ezold

Left: Dr. Kristian Myhre Right: Ms. Julie Ezold

Thank you, Kristian Myhre

The DOE Isotope Program (DOE IP) is saying farewell and thank you to Technical Advisor, Dr. Kristian Myhre. While we are all sad to say goodbye, we are appreciative of the work he has done for the Isotope Program. We wish you all the best in your future!

Dr. Kristian Myhre joined the DOE IP as a Technical Advisor in 2021 as a national lab detailee. Dr. Myhre is returning to his role as a research scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He first arrived at ORNL as a graduate student in 2013 through the joint ORNL and University of Tennessee Bredesen Center’s Energy Science and Engineering Ph.D. Program. Dr. Myhrewas first introduced to nuclear science and engineering through an undergraduate research assistant position at the University of Washington Medical Center’s Radiation Oncology Research Laboratory in Seattle, Washington.

Welcome Julie Ezold

The DOE IP would also like to welcome Ms. Julie Ezold. She will be filling a role as Technical Advisor for the Department of Energy Isotope Program as a national lab detailee.

Ms. Ezold has over 30 years of experience in the nuclear sciences and was a Senior Technical Professional at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as the Californium-252 Program Manager. She has experience in target fabrication, obtaining target approval for insertion into the High Flux Isotope Reactor, chemical processing of irradiated targets, and final wire fabrication.  Her campaign products include, but are not limited to Californium-252, Berkelium-249, Einsteinium-253, and other trans-curium products. These trans-curium products have recently been used in the discovery of a new element, Tennessine.

Julie Ezold can be reached at julie.ezold@science.doe.gov.