Photonuclear production of 47Ca for 47Ca/47Sc generator from natural CaCO3 targets


This work investigated the indirect production of 47Sc from natural Ca targets via 48Ca(γ,n)47Ca→47Sc + β + ν ¯ e with incident electron energies of 30, 35, and 40 MeV. The 47Ca production yields were simulated using the PHITS Monte Carlo simulation code and compared to experimental data. The simulated production rates for all three irradiations are in good agreement with experimental data within uncertainties. As a demonstration of the 47Ca/47Sc generator system, one of the irradiated CaCO3 targets was dissolved in nitric acid, and 47Sc was isolated from the target material using commercially available Eichrom DGA resin. The 47Sc was allowed to grow in, and the purification process was repeated with promising 47Sc and Ca recovery yields.


Applied Radiation and Isotopes

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Science Direct
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