Copper-67 Available in May 2020

Copper-67 Availability

The deadline to place orders for the next batch of high-specific activity copper-67 (Cu-67) is May 1, 2020, with material ready to ship on May 13, 2020. This dual-purpose radioisotope has garnered considerable attention in the medical community for its “theranostic” properties, meaning it has emissions suitable for both diagnostic imaging and targeted cancer therapy. The DOE Isotope Program has developed this production capability to increase the domestic supply of this isotope to the research community.

Copper-67 (t1/2 = 61.83 hours) is produced at Argonne National Laboratory via a photonuclear reaction at its Low-Energy Accelerator Facility (LEAF). The team at Argonne has developed a process that provides approximately 1 curie to customers per batch, with radionuclidic purity of >99% and a specific activity exceeding 50 curies/milligram (Cu-67/total Cu at EOB). *Note: typically 100% Radiochemical Yield (RCY) with TETA and DOTA at >2 millicuries/nanomole (Cu-67/chelate) 3-days after EOB.

The DOE IP routinely produces Cu-67 on a monthly basis but will adjust this schedule as needed to meet market demand.

Orders for Cu-67 need to be placed by May 1st.

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