NIDC Isotope Availability June 2020

Isotope Availability June 2020

Isotope Availability June 2020

Cadmium-109 Availability

A new batch of high-specific activity cadmium-109 will be available in July 2020. Cadmium-109 is most commonly used as a source for x-ray fluorescence imaging and in environmental research. The DOE IP replenishes our inventory of cadmium-109 on an annual basis.

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Copper-67 Availability
A new batch of high-specific activity copper-67 will be ready to ship to customers in early June 2020. The deadline to place an order for this batch is May 21, 2020. The DOE IP has developed this production capability to increase the domestic supply of this isotope to the research community.

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Actinium-225 Availability
A new batch of accelerator-produced actinium-225 will be ready to ship in late June 2020.  This alpha-emitting radionuclide and its decay product bismuth-213, from an actinium-225/bismuth-213 generator, have gained considerable interest within the medical community for their radioimmunotherapy applications.

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Strontium-89 Availability
A new batch of strontium-89 will be available June 2020. The radioactive isotope is most commonly used in cancer therapy to relieve pain associated with cancer that has spread to the bone. Currently, the DOE IP is the only U.S. domestic supplier of strontium-89.

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Selenium-75 Availability
The DOE IP inventory of selenium-75 has been replenished and is available for purchase. The isotope is of interest in the science community for its use in biochemical and environmental research.

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Tungsten-188 Availability
Our inventory of tungsten-188 has been replenished and is available for purchase now through the DOE IP. Tungsten-188's decay product, rhenium-188, is a gamma and beta-emitting radionuclide of growing interest within the nuclear medicine community for a variety of therapeutic applications.

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