Isotope Availability September 2020

Isotope Availability September 2020

Available New Isotopes

The DOE Isotope Program (DOE IP) is pleased to announce the availability of some of our newest isotopes for purchase.

Copper-67 AvailabilityCu-67
A new batch of high-specific activity copper-67 will be ready to ship to customers in early June 2020. The deadline to place an order for this batch is May 21, 2020. The DOE IP has developed this production capability to increase the domestic supply of this isotope to the research community.

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Cadmium-109 AvailabilityCadmium-109

A new batch of high-specific activity cadmium-109 will be available in July 2020. Cadmium-109 is most commonly used as a source for x-ray fluorescence imaging and in environmental research. The DOE IP replenishes our inventory of cadmium-109 on an annual basis.

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Sodium-22 AvailabilitySodium-22

A new batch of sodium-22 is now available. Sodium-22 is mostly used in nuclear medicine imaging for PET scans. The DOE IP has recently replenished our inventory of sodium-22 for purchase.

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Arsenic-73 AvailabilityArsenic-73

A new batch of arsenic-73 is now available. Arsenic-73 is mainly used as a tracer for environmental and toxicology studies. The DOE IP has recently replenished our inventory of arsenic-73 for purchase.

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